How Webcam Modeling Saved This Single Mom

How Webcam Modeling Saved This Single Mom


Well, I was 19 years old, had a newborn son, and an amazing boyfriend that I just couldn’t wait to marry. The only problem was, I wasn’t the only one he had been planning a future with. Once confronted with this he packed up and left, no apologies, nothing. I was left not only to pick up the pieces of our broken family, but to provide for my son and myself completely on my own, and on a waitress’ salary to make matters worse. I wish someone had told me sooner about webcam modeling, it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

For a while I continued waiting tables, working what seemed like endless hours, taking up any shifts that my manager would give me, but of course that still wasn’t enough. I was barely making rent every month after weekly daycare costs and I knew there just had to be something better out there for me. That’s when a good friend of mine told me that she had been webcam modeling anytime she was in between jobs and suggested I look into it. I’ll be honest, it seemed like it was too good to be true; getting paid to sit around and talk to guys online for a couple hours a day? There’s just no way! But it really was that simple.

I already had a desktop computer and a fast internet connection at home so all I needed was to order a good HD webcam and of course a bunch of super naughty lingerie. Thankfully I already had a treasure trove of toys, that’s one of the better parts about being a single woman. After that I just needed to find a company that I could webcam model through, with so many out there, it was pretty overwhelming at first, but I knew I didn’t have the money or the knowledge to do everything on my own. That’s when I stumbled upon CamCity, not only did they give a lot professional porn stars their start, but they also offer their premium models an hourly rate! I’ve never seen that anywhere else, so of course I jumped at the chance to sign up. The staff were all incredibly patient while they helped me set up my account and I was ready to get started and making money the same day. I was pretty nervous my first time getting on camera, I won’t lie, but I quickly made friends with members and after a couple of hours it was like I had been doing this all my life. I was even having fun! Who would have thought it would have been this easy to make so much money while sitting at home in bed?

It wasn’t until I had been webcam modeling for CamCity for a few months that I realized I could be bringing in way more visitors and money if I started doing some niche work. For anyone who is unfamiliar, a niche is really just a fancy term for a specific type of fetish. I had a lot of men (and women) who were interested in seeing my feet, so I decided to get into the foot fetish niche. I was really shocked at how many people were interested and quickly my fan base grew, it was amazing. I had no idea that my feet in a pair of heels or fishnet stockings could cause such a commotion. Within the first year I was making 6 figures off of webcam modeling alone which not only meant more money, but I had more time to spend with my son.

A lot of people claim that any woman who works as a webcam model, or in the adult industry in general, is being exploited and oppressed, but I can tell you right now that most certainly is not the case. I was stuck working a minimum wage job, well over 40 hours a week, just to keep a roof over my son and I’s heads. That’s no longer an issue for us, we’re living well in sunny California, enjoying everything life has to offer. If I would have kept waiting tables and not taken the chance at webcam modeling, there is absolutely no chance that I would be where I am today. You owe it to yourself to give it a shot, you don’t have to work a dead end job. You can work from home, make your own schedule, set your own hours, what have you got to lose?


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