Rules To Keep in Mind

Rules To Keep in Mind


Becoming a Porn Star – Rules To Keep In Mind

Becoming a porn star can be a long journey or a short one, depending on how much hard work and serious thought you put into it. Working in the porn industry can certainly promise a large income and many people are flocking towards it to make rather large sums of money. There is money to be made for yourself too, but you need to make sure that you have what it takes to make your way to the top, or you run the risk of losing out, like many others out there. Keeping yourself physically fit while doing the proper homework to get started and stay safe, is very important and will help you last longer in this industry.

Once you have done proper networking, short listed top notch production houses and porn studios, contacted producers on online forums who are looking for porn actors, and become acquainted with agents in the porn industry, you are sure to land somewhere. Before you know it you will be a part of the multi-billion dollar porn industry. However, getting into the industry is not the end of your struggles and it would be too early to celebrate. You need to learn the basics of the business and know the rules or principles of working in the porn industry. Here we have listed these rules in a brief and precise manner for you to use as a guideline and experience will teach you the rest on the way.

You might not, but your work lives forever.

There is no looking back once you have entered the porn industry. Even if you plan to move on to other careers in the future, be aware that the work you do while in the porn industry will haunt you forever. This could jeopardize earning respect, dignity, and good pay in another industry down the road. Your former work will be distributed, redistributed, and may even be pirated or easily available all over the internet. These methods are how the porn movie industry makes money and there is no way around it. So, think before you leap, and once you are in, be open-minded about the facts of the porn industry. It is necessary to prepare yourself to separate your emotions and your work.

Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Working in porn movies with other actors can make you vulnerable to infections, if you do not take the necessary precautions. Have routine tests done and check the health certificates of your co-workers to ensure they are clean.

Proper Identification Is A Necessity.

You will need to have proper identification documents, verified and signed, as it is required legally to do any legitimate work in the porn industry. Without these documents, you will never be offered a legitimate job in the industry.

Personal and Proper Hygiene.

It is necessary to keep yourself and your private parts properly cleaned and groomed before going to work. There are many necessary tools and products available on the market, which would help you do that on a regular basis. Your private parts are for public viewing and need to be nicely groomed and hygienic to be marketed.

Be Punctual and Disciplined.

As with any other career, be a quick learner and always arrive to the sets on time. Perform quickly and honestly, without wasting the time of others on takes and re-takes. Work professionally and respect co-workers and their time. Do not throw tantrums, even if you are already a star. Make sure you bring any props you are asked to bring to the set. If you are running late or unable to make it to work, you need to inform the necessary people beforehand.

Do your job and mind your own business.

This may seem an unnecessary point, but can make or break your career. Do not question screenwriters, director,s and producers about the kind of project they have developed. They will do their job and expect you to do yours and be cooperative. You can, in a friendly manner, give your input and opinions, but do not overstep your boundaries.

Set Your Limits And Do Only What You Want.

Before signing a deal or confirming a shoot, ask the director what sex acts are involved. Briefly give it thought before deciding if it is something you are comfortable doing. Be sure the decision you have made is final. Changing your mind while on set can be rather costly at the last minute. You can refuse to participate in any sex acts you are not comfortable with. Be upfront from the beginning, as changing  your mind later can harm your reputation and their business.

Beware of the Casting Couch.

Do not provide sexual favors in hopes of getting a project or a contract. Most of the time, the results are negative in the end. The directors, agents, and producers who give hope to new aspirants are not required by the industry to have safe health certificates, or proof of being free from STDs. Not only could you end up not get a job, you might end up getting infected with an STD.

Sign Model Release Only After Receiving Payments.

There is no doubt that there are scammers out there who prey on newcomers. If you sign the model release prior to being paid, they have the right to release the product and you will be left with no security. Ask them to provide you with your paycheck upfront. This may sound forward to them, but a good and honest producer or a director will understand, especially if you are working with them for the first time.

Loyalty with Agents Pays.

If there is an agent who has helped you get lots of deals and projects, then be sure to pay them in a timely manner. Building good relationships with agents helps long term, as there are many new faces entering the industry everyday. With the rise of competition, loyalty to your agent can help your career in the industry to survive.



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